PS4 Jailbreak Exploit CFW

PS4 Jailbreak Exploit: Playstation 4 is one of the legendary gaming consoles developed and manufactured by Sony (Japan), Their current generation console the PS4 known as Playstation 4 is one of the best selling consoles of all time, You may have this amazing gaming console or you are looking to buy one but you are worried about purchasing new costly games every month or a week then Don’t worry we have a solution “PS4 Jailbreak Exploit”. You may have heard about PSX Community which is one of the largest PlayStation discussions for the best knows for Hacks & Exploits. You may have heard about PSX Community which is one of the largest PlayStation discussions fora the best knows for Hacks & Exploits, with the help of PSX Exploits Community we have developed an online Web Portal that is connected to our database and we continue updating it with new tools and exploits.

What is PS4 Exploit?

Let me explain to you this one of the most asked questions on PSX communities, Exploits are the bug developed by the original developers to gain more access during a test session, Exploits are designed to skip codings or override them quickly to save time and resources but once these exploits are exploited by our hacked then we make sure to gain more benefits from these exploits for our users. PS4 Jailbreak is a combination of different exploits and bugs available in original codding that’s why our jailbreak is not compatible with all versions of the Sony PS4 consoles, Check out your PS4 Jailbreak Exploit compatibility by entering your region and selecting console model in Free Compatibility check.

How does it work?

Sony has developed well-encrypted operating system software for the eight-generation console as their previous-gen console the PS3 was exploited by PSX Community members, We are still providing the latest Custom firmware for PS3. Now the time has changed and worked closely with PSX Community hacks we have developed a way to install a custom system software by overwriting OFW. Although the Hack works via online WebKit, We have the Jailbreak Exploit PS4 which is ready to use and supports all PS4 Console Models including the Slim and Pro version but you have to enter all the required information below so we can process in making the best exploit for our users and to help us find compatible exploit version for your console as PSX Hacks are different according to consoles versions and their regions.

PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Supported firmware:

Webkit Exploit developed by PSX is basically a series of hacks & exploits so if your PS4 system firmware is compatible with the exploit available in our database then you can install it on your console right now, We have different Hacks, Cheats & Exploits compatible with different firmware versions but we are updating the portal as new tools and exploits are available, surely it will be good for you if you are using an older version of firmware but in any case, right now you can enjoy different Cheats & hacks for up to firmware version 8.50 on region Europe, USA, Japan.

PS4 Downgrade firmware:

Listen, there is no way to downgrade your original firmware to its backward version but you can install Hen (Exploit) on your current compatible firmware with the support of PSX communities.

PS4 USB Mods, Hacks & Games:

Once you have successfully Jailbroken your console (PS4) then you can download and install game mods using an external hard drive (it will be better if you use 3.0) and you can also enable hacks or you can install complete Games available to download from PS4 Jailbreak Games PKG. to enjoy more features given in your premium membership such as save files download and custom wallpaper you can visit the Exploit Host menu at

PS4 Jailbreak Exploit Benefits:

  • Customizability
  • PS4 Game Mods and Hacks
  • PS4 Free Games (External HDD required)
  • Free Online Connectivity
  • Backward Compatibility for up to 10 Consoles including SEGA & PS1, PS2.
  • No Hardware or warranty damage
  • Not an illegal activity


First, fill in the given blanks below so our servers will find a compatible version for your PS4 then follow the instructions.

  • USB Device or External Hard Drive with 4GB of free space
  1. Connect the external drive or USB device, create a folder inside the USB named “PS4”> Inside that folder now create another folder named “UPDATE”.
  2. Copy the file you have downloaded but please read all the terms and conditions first, Save your file in the “UPDATE” folder named “PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  3. Go to safe mode and select to reinstall the system software (It will start the installation of Custom Firmware).

PS4 Jailbreak Exploit CFW

Some most common errors: “SU-41350-3 – Cannot find the update file” It may appear due to renamed or removed from the folder so recheck the destination folder and in any case repeat the process.

If you get the error: “SU-41350-3 – Cannot find the update file” it means that the PUP file was renamed by your computer due to multiple downloads of the same file.

Set Up PS4 Internet Settings:

  • Go to Settings > Network >(Now) Set Up Internet Connection > Use Wi-Fi or Lan as you wish >(Select) Custom
  • Set [DHCP Host Name] to [ESP Host]
  • Set [DNS Settings] to [Manual]
  • Set [Primary DNS] to
  • Set [Secondary DNS] to
  • Set [MTU Settings] to [Automatic]
  • Then skip the internet connection test
  • Go to [Settings] -> User’s Guide (Select it) ->To use Webkit Exploit Tools

To Install PKG Games:

Go Settings and set up internet connection as mentioned above then go to the user guide to enable exploit features.

Transfer the.PKG files in the root directory of an external hard or USB 3.0, Go to debug settings then PKG installer, and enjoy PKG Game after installation.

Select the Model & Continue to Download

Special editions such as 2216/2218/2215 and other special editions that came with Games in the box have nothing to do with the PS4 Serial number if you have a special edition PS4 then select according to PS4 / Slim / Pro.

We recommend you read our terms and conditions to confirm our refund policy and see if we work in your country before you made a purchase to understand how we work. If you face any issue such as if tools didn’t work then please try again and again until they work or other issues during downloading the file or installation or afterward then please don’t hesitate to contact us at are using cause it allows our users to send and receive files up to 15GB for free), we will do our best to provide you with a solution in the meantime.