PS3 Jailbreak Exploit CFW

PS3 Jailbreak Exploit CFW: Playstation 2 is the Bestselling gaming console in history, Sony released its sequel the PS3 with lots of powerful features at that time such Blu-ray, HDMI output with built-in storage capacity. Sony has introduced a lot of new features that become their exclusives in upcoming years. Uncharted the adventures story of Nathan Drake and The Epic God of War are the best selling video games included in Playstation exclusives that were first released for PS3. You may have bought a PS3 and looking for Jailbreak to bypass costly games then don’t worry anymore just bookmark our website and check daily for more updates. We have worked with PSX Community to design a new Jailbreak Exploit Firmware for our users. PSX Community is rated as the best console community online with over 10000 supporting articles and help forums.

What is PS3 Exploit?

After working closely with Hackers and PSX members we have developed a Jailbreak Exploit but if you really want to know what does an Exploit really mean then, Exploits are the bug developed by the original developers to gain more access during test session, Exploits are designed to skip codings or override them quickly to save time and resources but once these exploits are exploited by our hacked then we make sure to gain more benefits from these exploits for our users. PS3 Jailbreak Exploit is a combination of different Coding Overrides we made in Custom firmware and bugs available in original codding that’s why our jailbreak is not compatible with all versions of the Sony PS3 consoles, Check out your PS3 Jailbreak Exploit compatibility by entering your region and selecting console model in Free Compatibility check.

How does it work?

PS3 is 14 years old now but we are still getting system software updates from sony, Previous OFW’s are Hacked and you can easily install CFW on them to enjoy more flexibility plus more options such as HDD games backup or support for Pirated Games. We have worked with PSX Community members to unlock more awesome features in PS3 Jailbreak Exploit CFW which were never included in previous custom system software such as online compatibility with unlimited PS Plus subscription. This PS3 Jailbreak Exploit CFW is compatible with Playstation 3 models e.g: PS3 Fat, PS3 Slim, PS3 Super Slim. Before following the Download Procedure please fill the required fields with appropriate information so we can develop more authentic custom firmware for your console. This PS3 CFW supports all PS3 Consoles and this unique CFW will bypass OFW no matter which firmware version is installed on your PS3.

Firmware Downgrade:

Listen Carefully, there is no legit way to downgrade your original firmware to its backward version but you can still install PS3 Jailbreak Exploit on your Console by bypassing your current firmware (OFW) with the support of PSX communities. Please be aware of such online scams who ask you to complete a survey or install malware programs on your console or other devices.

PS3 USB Mods, Hacks & Games:

Once you have successfully installed the custom firmware on your console then you can download and install game mods using an external hard drive (will be better if you use 3.0) and you can also enable hacks or you can install complete Games available to download from PS3 Jailbreak Games PKG or PS3 PKG Games for free.


  • Customizable Themes
  • Best UI-Userfriendly!
  • HDD Backup (Games, Add-ons, Applications)
  • Update games as usual
  • Minor Bugfix Backup manager
  • Change install package template
  • HotFix Jailbreak install package
  • Bugs fixed in Last Of Us in Backup manager
  • Fixed Stability issue when installing jailbreak package files
  • PSN Online Safe protection-Undetected by PSN
  • Added Backup Manager to package file install

Firmware Update Features:

  • Based on OFW 4.85
  • Embed COBRA 8.01
  • Included payload for COBRA TOGGLE in LV2
  • Package Manager instead IPF
  • Added ReactPSN support
  • Run games signed up to 4.85
  • Can be installed on any CFW
  • Can be installed on 3.55 OFW or on 4.85 OFW using ps3xploit flasher (ONLY CFW COMPATIBLE MODELS)
  • Removed Cinavia for HDD, BDMV, BDVD content
  • QA flag enabled by default if was enabled earlier
  • RSOD bypass
  • Patched LV0 to remove integrity checks for COREOS
  • Patched LV2 to add Peek/Poke
  • Patched LV2 checks in LV1
  • Patched LV1 to add Peek/Poke
  • Removed epilepsy warning
  • Added gameboot, and few other graphical changes
  • Added patch to disable internet firmware update from XMB
  • Support for PS3, PS2, PSX, PSP iso
  • Removed C00 check in VSH
  • Fixed Polish font in PS2 emulator (Asian users can have minor issues with fonts due to that, for them font file change is required)
  • Added PSP DRM removal patch


First, fill the given blanks below so our servers will find a compatible version for your PS4 then follow the instructions.

  • USB Device or External Hard Drive with 4gb of free space
  1. Connect external drive or USB device, create a folder inside the USB named “PS3” Inside that folder now create another folder named “UPDATE”.
  2. Copy the file you have downloaded but please read all the terms and conditions first, Save your file in the “UPDATE” folder named “PS3UPDATE.PUP”.

PS3 Jailbreak Exploit CFW

Some most common errors: “S-U-4-1-3-5-0-3 – .pup file, not found” It may appear due to renamed or removed CFW from the folder so recheck the destination folder and in any case repeat the method.

You can check PS4 Jailbreak if you want to hack your PS4 for free.

If you face any trouble or there is an issue in installation then please don’t hesitate to ask us, We will try our best to provide you easy solutions as quick as possible. In order for personal support, you can contact us on